As the Christmas season is upon us and on this Giving Tuesday, let’s take a minute to look at our choices and what we’re doing to contribute to a better tomorrow. We’ve all heard the grim reality of the state of our planet, but have you taken the time to see what you can do in your everyday life to lessen your footprint? A few documentaries that have really opened my eyes to what I can personally do to reduce waste and in turn perhaps improve the lives of so many are:

  1. The True Cost of Fast Fashion
  2. Minimalism
  3. Wasted
  4. Rotten
  5. Plastic Oceans

Over 10 years ago, my sisters and I decided that our kids could do with less and should adopt a mindset of giving rather than receiving. We decided that we would adopt a family and the money we would normally spend on each other’s kids, we would use for this family. We involved the kids in the process by taking them shopping with us and they were so taken aback that these kids were not asking for the latest toys, but for essentials like hats, gloves and boots! We have continued with this tradition year after year and it has been so fulfilling to help so many families. These days, I’m trying to buy less, buy local and waste less…learning to live with “enough”! What are you doing to lessen your footprint?