This is a very important distinction to make, especially if you’re considering transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

A whole food, plant-based diet is so calorically light and nutrient dense that you can literally eat double the amount of food and still lose or maintain a healthy weight because only plant foods are rich in fibre.

Fibre is a super carb that keeps you full, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol, reduces insulin levels, keeps you regular and feeds your gut microbiome.

Here is an image from @forksoverknives that’s a perfect visual of how different 500 calories can be. The goal should always be to consume nutrient dense calories that satiate and fuel the body. Avoid or greatly cut back on highly processed foods that are full of saturated fats, salt and sugars.

Calorie density: What 500 calories look like

Choose your calories wisely, your health depends on it!