We only let ourselves have what we BELIEVE we deserve.

I recently heard this in a podcast and it really resonated with me. For the past four years, I’ve been on a personal journey of growth, checking in with myself and examining my beliefs.

It’s a process and I’m learning that:
• I’m a work in progress and that’s ok.
• Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. Be open to it.
• I need to let go of old limiting beliefs.
• I need to get out of my own way.
• There will always be things out of my control, accept it.
• I need to fill my cup first because I can’t give what I don’t have.
• It’s ok to say no.

As women, we’re sometimes afraid to take up space, speak our mind and be heard. It’s something we need to overcome; we need to believe in our uniqueness and what we can bring to the table without fear of judgement.

Let’s support one another and remember that it’s ok to take up space and believe in ourselves.